Raw Session Invites strikes back hosting a mix of Nautilus, a friend and Dj of the italian collective DNBisWKD!
DJ Nautilus aka Manuel F. born in 2014, his debut in the Drum&Bass scene in Milan starts in 2015. Nautilus’ style is characterized by an accurate selection blending old and new bangers. He’s now collaborating with the crew DNBisWKD!, opening BILLAN last december.
Enjoy his DoubleDroppish energy Neuro/Jumpup mix :))))))

Raw Session Invites #026 — Nautilus —- by Raw Session – Radio Statale on Mixcloud

Wild Thing – Phace & Current Value
Dead Limit – Noisia & The Upbeats
Inside the Beast – Sub Zero
Paranormal Roller – The Upbeats
Footpath (feat. The Upbeats) – InsideInfo & Mefjus
Optimum Trajectory – Rido, Mefjus
Whip Slap – Dimension
Lust (Break Remix) – Jaguar Skills & Chords feat Matti Roots
Nil By Mouth – Audio
Air Force 1 – Rene LaVice
Foodchain – Audio
Take Down – AMC
Causation – Rido, Mefjus
Profanity – Hypoxia
Hotblooded – Rene LaVice
Make It Happen – Audio
Dive Bomb – Optiv & BTK
Once Again – Loadstar
Hawking Radiation – Teddy Killerz
Katana – Joe Ford & Fourward
Never Stop – Neonlight, Wintermute
New Order – Pythius
Interzone – Signs