Avant S01 E10 / Ecdysis mix

Thomas Ripley is the guest of Avant 10 episode. The young Composer and Sound designer based in Shanghai speaks about the concept behind his project "Ecdysis" and announces "Archetype Sun" with french sculptor and musician [...]

Avant S01 E09 / Oroboro mix

Oroboro x #Avant19Mixserie Decisions and Mfzrecords Milan based italian producer explores bass music genre with an experimental perspective, creating a sinergy between underground and mainstream sounds and arraging cyber and futuristic post-industrial urban atmospheres to [...]

Avant S01 E08 / Furtherset mix

Avant x Furtherset Urbino based italian producer explores the relationship of dichotomous approaches to art production, developing a synergy between analogic and digital process, classical melodic sinfonies and urban electronic loops, into a contemporary perspective [...]

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